The Carb Nite Solution Diet Review

by Mike

Carb Nite Solution Diet Book CoverAfter reviewing the Carb Night Solution diet I found that it’s not a diet program for everyone. It is a powerful, radical and totally effective solution and you can benefit if you are participating in an active lifestyle. The program itself is very persuasive, scientifically sound and has plenty of literature pertaining to its efficiency. However, if you’re not used to depleting massive amount of carbs you might find this diet to be a bit of a shock on your system.

The Carb Nite Solution is basically an “ultra-low carbohydrate diet” that takes advantage of the features of carbs to shift your metabolism to the highest gear. The program actually has several unique recipes that enable you to survive this plan while still enjoying foods like Quiche, salmon cakes or even meatloaf as well as scones and pancakes in an ultra-low carb mode.

The Carb Nite Solution was written by physicist, John Kiefer who created this program as a testament to his own personal battles with his weight. The unique perspective of a physicist makes the Carb Nite Solution totally radical, piecing existing truths, theories and ideas to come up with a totally workable diet solution.

Carb Night Solution Diet Basics

This diet focuses on four important steps.

  • First, you have to cut back 30 grams of carbs each day for a period of 10 days.
  • On the tenth day of the Carb Nite Solution, you eat a dinner loaded with carbs.
  • Then you have to start reducing carbs the following day and continue for another 10 days.
  • Once a week you get to enjoy what Kiefer calls Carb Nite.

The premise of the Carb Nite Solution is to help you become more in-control of your metabolism and effectively help you lose the fat in a progressive manner. This program aims to help you lose a lot of weight in the first 10 day and keep losing small amounts during the following cycles. Initially, you lose water weight as with other reduced carb diets like South Beach or Atkins, but the Carb Nite Solution keeps you burning fat more efficiently across the body while maintaining muscle mass.

Doesn’t matter if you want to lose 10 or 100 pounds, the premise of the Carb Nite Solution does not change. The good news is that the program is indeed beneficial and you can still enjoy food while you become more in-control of the way you eat.

Recommended Foods

The Carb Nite Solution has many foods listed to make your meal selections less boring and more diverse. It also contains 50 great recipes that include a high range of proteins and finer sources of carbohydrates. You may have to introduce healthier carbs although they are not eaten 100% off the time, it still pays to know what kind of carbs you are taking and reduce the amount that may be fast absorbing.

Exercise Requirements

The Carb Nite Solution was developed for those who have lived their lives in sedentary mode for a very long time. Thus, it is not really designed to make you exercise daily. This is ideal for those who want to see some changes week after week due to the continuous drop of carbohydrate content, Nevertheless, some experts who have tried the Carb Nite Solution program agree that it can be optimized by adopting a moderate exercise program. It doesn’t have to be extremely strenuous but if you’re a person who lived a sedentary lifestyle for a long time you will surely benefit from added results from exercise. This could also help raise your energy levels since you might have to readjust due to the reduction of carbs.

Pros / Likes

  • According to experts who have tried the Carb Nite Solution, the program offers very fast results in losing weight. If done correctly, the person can continue to lose considerable weight and keep the weight off.
  • The book also is very thorough in explaining how the program works. It is really more of a diet strategy but also includes a meal plan.
  • It has a wealth of recipes to help you can tolerate the lack of carbs and keep you enjoying the food options.

Cons / Dislikes

  • If you have never removed this many carbs from your diet in a day you will find it tough for the first few days, so if you are really serious about it, you have to keep pushing yourself.
  • You have to be inventive with your dining habits and make sure that you follow the program even when you eat out. If you don’t follow the program, it’s always back to zero and you won’t develop the healthy habits changing the way you eat for the long run.
  • Since you won’t be eating that many carbs you have to supply your body with different types of food. These alternatives could be more expensive but will definitely be worth the effort once you see the drastic changes after you get through the first 30 days especially with moderate exercise.

Carb Nite Solution Diet Review Conclusion

Find Out More About The Carb Nite Solution Diet HereSo, is the Carb Nite Solution a good diet plan to follow? Based on findings and the rigorous information available about the program, the Carb Nite Solution is a persuasive and effective diet program. The science supporting the program is sound and does not feel too gimmicky. Also, many people have tried and tested this diet program and they have results to prove it.

The Carb Nite Solution is sold in electronic format (instant download) at

It can also be ordered below in paperback from – The Carb Nite Solution: The Physicist’s Guide to Power Dieting

Drop a pound, enjoy your day and share this article if you found it helpful.

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